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Marketers’ Avenue provides the best citation audit services and citation cleaning services to identify and correct faulty citations so that listings may be improved.

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Inaccurate business information, such as a misspelled company name, an outdated location, or a wrong phone number, can have a detrimental impact on your firm's development and local search ranks. Our SEO specialists carefully identify and rectify citation issues, such as duplicate and inaccurate citations, clean up your listings, and improve all of your citations.

  • Efforts made manually to
    correct citation mistakes
  • A thorough citation audit
    to identify duplicate citations.
  • NAP variation detection
    and correction

Manual Efforts

All of the links from reputable backlink monitoring platforms will be instantly identified by Marketers Avenue. This guarantees that any links created for your website are taken into account and remain safe to use.

Citation Audit

All conceivable NAP variants are identified. Following that, we identify all of the proper, duplicate, and wrong citations across various websites.

NAP Variation Discovery

To ensure that the citations are 100 percent accurate, we conduct extensive research to locate the company's name, address, phone number, etc.

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Our Approach to Citation Cleanup

All-Inclusive Citation Cleanup Services

Here's Why You Should Hire Us to Correct Your Citations

We offer the best citation cleanup services in the USA in which we handle everything from identifying problems with citations to correcting and improving listings.

Save Your Precious Time

Making minor citation updates necessitates spending hours aligning everything to the most recent business information. If there are a lot of citations that need to be corrected, this might take many days. We have a staff of citation cleaning experts that are experienced in correcting listings. To guarantee that all of your citations are up to date, our professionals undertake the difficult task for you.

  • Manual efforts for cleaning up the citations
  • Correction of the NAP information
  • Addition of up-to-date information

High Rate of Correction

Every possible citation is checked and corrected. There are a number of websites where your company's information is listed; we are attempting to contact each of them to rectify your information. However, a few inaccessible citations are leaving those sites; we guarantee that 70-90 percent of the sites have been amended.

  • Error correction
  • The percentage of rectification can be as high as 90%
  • Citations with up-to-date information
  • Correct NAP Information is added


If the updates made to the listings aren't crawled or indexed, it indicates Google isn't aware of the changes. We make every citation obvious and ensure that it is picked up by Google when you work with us. This indexing service is included with our citation audit and citation cleaning services, all of which are provided at no charge.

  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Improve search engine positioning
  • Improve local search ranking
  • Increase your consumer base

Industries We've Worked With



Our real-estate digital marketing services have assisted numerous buyers and sellers in connecting with one another.



Marketers Avenue is a well-regarded digital marketing firm with hundreds of construction business clients.



Doctors and healthcare professionals have been able to showcase their skills to an online target audience thanks to our marketing.



Our digital marketing services for educational institutions have made it much easier to reach out to potential students.



It is critical for entertainment-related enterprises to reach a big audience and get recognition. That's precisely what we do for companies!

Hospitality & Travel

Hospitality & Travel

We assist tourist and hospitality businesses in enhancing their web presence, capturing the attention of potential clients, and increasing the number of reservations.

We’ll Do the Heavy Lifting for You!

Even a minor number of incorrect citations can cause the loss of a large number of potential customers. Altering the incorrect citations needs hours of work. Hence, we offer top-notch citation cleanup services to handle this job for you.
Working with us, you'll be able to repair, enhance, and optimize all of your listings in as much detail as feasible. From contact information to classifications, descriptions to pictures, and everything in between, we've got you covered!

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Marketers Avenue has helped thousands of businesses grow in the digital landscape. Take a look at what some of our satisfied clients have to say about us:

James Parker

Marketers Avenue's SEO services have entirely satisfied me. I want to express my gratitude for their excellent international SEO services, which assisted my organization in achieving the desired outcomes. The tactics were great, and the outcomes were exceptional.

Hannah Jonathan

I am very happy with this company and how they have helped my business flourish, especially during the pandemic. My business was not doing very well, but with their paid advertising services, my business started generating leads instantly. Highly recommended.

Michael Kenneth

“Last month, I hired a freelancer to create backlinks for my website. He made spammy links for my website that adversely affected the SEO score and decreased the domain authority of my website. So, I hired Marketers Avenue to review all the backlinks and remove the faulty ones. They did an excellent job and removed all the spam links. Highly recommended”

Louisiana Graham

I run a small boutique in New York, and for the marketing, I hired Marketers Avenue as I had heard great things about them. When I hired them, the sales were not doing well, and after availing their social media marketing services, the sales skyrocketed. Good job!

Johnny Wilson

You guys did a brilliant job at amending my brand’s reputation. I just loved how you guys took care of even the negative feedback and used them as a means to portray us as a company that prioritizes customer satisfaction. Keep up the good work.

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Healthcare Reputation

We successfully tackled the issue of negative content that was causing patients to turn away from our organization. By utilizing various strategies such as leveraging Wikipedia, creating fresh and engaging content, implementing search engine marketing tactics, and employing effective public relations techniques, we were able to significantly minimize the loss of opportunities.

The Challenge

Our client, a highly regarded physician, encountered a major obstacle when an unjustly dismissed malpractice lawsuit resulted in unfavorable search engine snippets, which had a detrimental effect on her professional standing.

Leveraging Digital Assets

Wikipedia Presence:
Web Development:
Online Promotion:

90% / 2 months
Negative Reviews
92% / 2 months
Negative Reviews

Law Firm Reputation Management

The client, a renowned law firm renowned for its assertive marketing strategies and unparalleled service in advocating for accident victims, confronted a substantial online reputation challenge that was impeding their ability to attract new clients.

The Challenge

Despite maintaining a strong advertising presence, the law firm faced a significant challenge as potential clients were being swayed by a highly-ranked negative blog post that appeared during brand-related searches. This resulted in a noticeable decline in business opportunities.


The primary aim was to neutralize the negative blog post's influence, either through removal or by significantly reducing its search engine visibility.

85% / 2 months
Search Results
Negative Reviews
90% / 2 months
Negative Reviews

Executive Reputation Repair

Our client, a prominent figure in the New York financial community with aspirations to run for political office, faced persistent challenges from activist groups and journalists who continuously targeted them with negative press and disseminated inaccurate information. However, we successfully took action to level the playing field and address these issues head-on.

The Challenge

Due to the client's prominent status, they became the subject of intense scrutiny, leading to negative coverage from renowned publications such as the New York Times and Bloomberg. This unfavorable press was exacerbated by the involvement of political bloggers and activists, resulting in a distorted online narrative. Nonetheless, we took proactive measures to address these challenges and restore a fair and accurate portrayal of our client.


Marketers Avenue successfully transformed the online narrative surrounding the finance executive, shifting it from predominantly negative to a well-managed and balanced digital presence. This campaign's success highlights the effectiveness of a comprehensive reputation management strategy when dealing with complex digital crises.

Successfully established

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