Ultimate Guide to Amazon Enhanced Brand Content (EBC)

Ultimate Guide to Amazon Enhanced Brand Content (EBC)

Ultimate Guide to Amazon Enhanced Brand Content (EBC)

Enhanced Brand Content is making strides in the Amazon sellers’ world. Sellers could previously only create a single plain-text paragraph as a description on Amazon. However, EBC users can now format, add breaks, incorporate photographs, and improve the conversion rate of their product descriptions.

Marketers Avenue, a leading Amazon & best local SEO service provider, has come up with this ultimate guide that will help you understand what EBC is and why you need to include it in your Amazon marketing plan. Before we get started, let's dig deeper into what EBC is.

What is Amazon's Enhanced Brand Content (EBC)?

In early November 2016, Amazon announced their EBC tool for Professional Sellers looking to communicate their brand in a better sense through detailed, extensive product listings. Brand Registered Sellers can use this tool to provide rich information, such as photographs, structured text, and product descriptions, to highlight their items' distinct value proposition.

With more than 2 million vendors on Amazon, getting your brand placed prominently on the platform can be difficult, even for seasoned e-commerce retailers. Therefore, we encourage all Amazon sellers to include Amazon's enhanced brand material in their product descriptions to attract viewers and promote more conversions.

Who Can Use Enhanced Brand Content?

Sellers who are registered under Amazon's 2.0 editions, which began in March 2017, are eligible for Enhanced Brand Content benefits.

Because Amazon's A+ EBC is still being rolled out, you may not have it yet. However, once you have it, Amazon Enhanced Brand Content is available to any third-party seller that has their own branded items registered in Amazon's Brand Registry (you must have a Global Catalog Identifier or GCID).

It's a simple process to register your own items if you don't already have them registered. For the time being, Enhanced Brand Content is free, but Amazon may charge for it in the future.

Benefits of Utilizing Enhanced Brand Content (EBC)

According to Amazon, adding effective EBC to product description pages will enhance traffic and conversion rates, which will lead to more sales. They also claimed that A+ listings—the predecessor to EBC—raise conversions by 3-10%, with EBC likely to improve that percentage even further.

EBC is just like an on-listing marketing tool that creates a better experience for your customers by displaying the best qualities of your product and brand in a comprehendible way.

Makes the Content Simple to Scan & Skin

Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) makes the content simple to scan and skim your content. Customers can easily find the features they're looking for, compare them to other items, view a range of photographs, and discover more about the brand—all at one glance.

Gives the Listing an Appealing Look

Both in-person and online, people are visual consumers. Several studies have found that the simpler a page is to read, the more likely someone is to buy. To assist enhance this conversion, EBC focuses on the visual.

It encourages high-conversion text flow

That is, you may align and arrange the text in the most enticing location for the potential consumer. Subheadings, paragraphs, bullet points, bold, italic, and underlines are all options. EBC layouts will feature these aesthetic possibilities, despite the fact that HTML content is not permitted for listings.

Generates a visual storefront for shopping

It gives your customers the freedom to shop the way they choose. Do they have a strong visual sense and wish to see more pictures? Do bullet points, pithy phrases, or long paragraphs appeal to them? To make the best first impression on every consumer, incorporate all of these in a brief and simple manner.

Demonstrates Unique Product Characteristics

Important and remarkable qualities that are not included in the bullet points of your product description may be readily added and emphasized in EBC to assist a customer in making a unique purchase.

Includes Infographic Visuals

People are inherently visual, and images always elicit an emotional response. Images are the first thing a visitor will notice in your listing, and if they are appealing and relevant, they are more likely to make a buy.

Increases the Conversion Rates

Adding Amazon EBC Service to your product's listing pages will drive more visitors to your website and enhance conversion rates.

Builds Brand Awareness

When a client compares two items in the same category, he or she is more likely to remember the product with more information and the brand, and EBC can assist you in including all of these in your listings. In the opinion of the customer, the Amazon EBC tool creates a sense of trust in the brand value.

Reduces Product Returns and Unfavorable Reviews

EBC aids in the delivery of comprehensive product information, and a customer who understands what to expect from a product is less likely to return to leave a negative review or request a refund.

Wrapping It Up

Enhanced Brand Content is definitely worth exploring. It's a fantastic approach to making your items stand out in any category. It's a simple function to set up on Amazon. There are no drawbacks to giving it a shot now since it's free. We are convinced that you will find these advantages to be well worth your effort.

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