Citation is a term common for citing or mentioning a NAP name, address, and phone in local business submissions. However, businesses add their contact and credentials on other websites to increase their reputation in the market. Therefore, it boosts their visibility and credibility in the local surroundings.

Suppose you have a small grocery store in the downtown area of San Jose. So, you want to expand your business around the country. And afterward spread them worldwide. Hence, you must submit your credentials to citation-based websites such as Yelp, Google My Business, and Yellow Pages. These are local business web directories where you submit your localized companies and mention their credentials on them. However, they do not just appear on the directories. You can better make your submissions on various platforms, such as reviews, business profiles, and company listing websites.

Hence, many companies make a hurry in NAP citations. So, they mention them incorrectly. It is a huge mistake that they commit on other websites. Therefore, finding all these bulk websites and correcting their address is extremely difficult. However, this entire process is known as citation audit and cleanup in San Jose. The reference to San Jose shows the locality of the region in the United States. It mainly concerns the local area businesses that have a certain territory. Their fame and popularity exist in their own sphere but not beyond that. So, online citations aim to promote the demand and value of businesses worldwide.

Here are proven tips to perform a citation audit and cleanup for a local business:

Perform a Thorough Citation Audit

A citation audit defines a detailed procedure of mentioning the name, address, and phone. So, companies must take great care in examining the entire website. It gives auditors a sight to assess and interpret the listing data. However, they can check and find the blunders in their submissions and remove them immediately. They must not miss or leave any single website and make corrective changes in all.

Do a Cleanup

Cleanup is a process of cleaning and eliminating the wrong data information from the citation websites. So, it clearly removes mistakes and makes prompt changes in them to rewrite a piece of genuine information in its place. It helps businesses increase their quality and quantity of traffic. However, they can clean this information everywhere without forgetting or missing any single website. It tidies the typo error and rectifies it on the spot to get it fixed.

Bottom Line

All in all, these above-mentioned are excellent tactics to correct and fix citation errors in your business. However, it allows businesses to do a deep and comprehensive citation audit and cleanup service. Therefore, they must assess and examine every past listing that they had posted and submitted before. So, they must get to the business and find their posts on the platforms. Hence, they must scrutinize all local citations to recheck them again. One big error in the citation can create huge trouble for customers. Consequently, they must rectify their mistakes in their local listings and submissions to correct them. 

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