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Inaccurate business details, such as incorrect business name, a wrong contact number, or old address can be harmful and have a detrimental impact on your local search rankings. At Marketers Avenue, we offer quality, cost-effective citation building and cleanup service trusted by thousands of SEO professionals.

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Manual Efforts

Our expert team of SEO professionals manually finds and fixes approximately 75% more incorrect and duplicate citations compared to automated platforms.

Extensive Citation Audit

We recognize all possible NAP variations, then reveal ALL correct, incorrect, and duplicate citation sources on every site (subjected to listed sites in our packages).

NAP Variation Discovery

We perform all-encompassing research to find all the old business names, addresses, and contact numbers to ensure your cleanup is efficiently 100% complete. (subjected to the package you selected).

Here's why our citations checker is your best option:

Even with a small number of incorrect citations, you are going to need to invest hefty hours of work just to get them in line. This can translate to days worth of work or more if there are plentiful incorrect citations. Our team of specialists do this on an everyday basis to literally thousands of listings. Let us do the heavy lifting for you, ensuring all of your citations match.

We take care of every incorrect citation possible, as the enormous majority of sites permit this. Keep in mind, there will be a few unreachable citations due to companies such as Yext. However, 70-90% of the sites can and will be amended for you. Our citations cleanup service is a “per use” process that doesn’t need to take place every month. Don’t be fooled by providers that will have you locked into a subscription-based service with your valuable citation information being held hostage to monthly recurring fees.

If the updates and changes you made to your citations aren’t getting indexed or crawled, you may as well have done nothing, to begin with. Changes Google isn’t able to see or find won't help your website. Once we get every citation in order, we’ll offer your citations a fighting chance as far as being picked up by Google is concerned. Adding the authority of our indexing service to your citations is an advantage we offer every time we deliver our Citation audit and Cleanup, free of charge.

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Reassurance Analysis For Citation Cleanup

When you’re an operating and open local brand, even if you have not actively taken steps to produce citations, they will still exist. Whether it’s robotic tools catering information to directories or someone manually writing about your business, the point is, it didn’t come from you. Don’t worry or wonder if your citation is correct online – know for sure! Allow yourself to undertake the changes that will help enhance your rankings. You should not be in the dark about your citations. Acquire the confidence you need to tell Google where you are with our citation analysis and Cleanup services.

Clean Up The Errors On Your Path To Success

After we begin with your citation audit service, we may encounter incorrect NAP information that can be out there. Worse yet, there could be genuine customers reaching out with the wrong contact number or even visiting the wrong locations – yikes! Trying to manually clean up this mess will take you weeks of painstaking effort before you even begin to get the citation audit and cleanup. Have faith in us when we say that this is not a process you want to do all by yourself.

What It Takes To Be Able To Rank

Before investing a great deal of money and time into any external marketing, you need to ensure the fundamentals are aligned correctly. For a local business, this means that your citations need to match 100 per cent across the board. Else, all of your external SEO efforts won’t generate the results you are looking for. Don’t waste any more energy, money or time on trying to push a broken ride through the finish line. Our citation audit and cleanup service will account for every aspect of your citations and ensure you're able to begin racing for a win!

Comprehensive Reporting - High Success Rate

While a small number of sites might not be editable (limited Yext sites being a significant culprit), we are typically able to edit 70-90 per cent of incorrect citations. You'll get a detailed report that shows every site we've edited along with the reasons why our team may not have been able to edit any site in particular.

Personalized PPC Solutions to Maximize Your Brand’s ROI Through Lead Generation

Citation Audit

Every order begins with a comprehensive audit of existing citations. We don’t just fix a predetermined list of sites, we actually go through your entire profile and determine every incorrect citation out there and document it.

Manual Outreach & Contact

Since every citation belongs to a different source, we’ve created an internal Standard Operating Procedure for each of the source, so we know the standard protocol for getting your citations amended. Some listings necessitate manual contact via email, so we set up an email on your behalf and document all conversations.

Correct Citations

With our refined process, we are able to fix 70-90% of citations within a brief time frame. We’ll keep track of your whole campaign for you by continuously monitoring the sites for the requested variations and updating tracking sheet side by side.

Deliver Report

After 2-3 months and several rounds of manual contact, we’ll offer an audit report with all the citations that were corrected, inclusive of any ongoing recommendations.


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I am genuinely delighted with Marketers Avenue services. I would like to appreciate their fantastic brand content services that supported my firm to acquire the outcomes I have been looking for. The strategies are streamlined with optimized results.

Katherine Greenfield

The social media marketing services of Marketers Avenue improve the metrics to their utmost. They have a dedicated team of individuals who implemented innovative social media marketing & planning that tripled my weekly earnings & ranked us among the pioneers of our industry.

Jeff Anderson

Their Amazon PPC Ad Campaign services are excellent. They provided me solutions for my online start-up that helped my trade acquire a leading edge in the fast-growing competition. I'd announce Marketers Avenue strategies result-driven as it allowed a 67% upsurge in my monthly sales. They did a superb job on my project.

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