True Guide Logistics provides top-notch dispatching and logistics services. Since our inception, they have grown continuously and have become one of the largest transportation companies in the US. Known for making prompt deliveries and providing continuous logistic support, True Guide Logistics does all this using modern tools and equipment. All the trucks are driven on the roads by skilled drivers with years of experience.

Project Overview

True Guide Logistics was an exciting project. Our first step was to bring the relevant audience to the page. We created a campaign for improving brand awareness and their following on social media accounts. We got a good response through our campaigns. Currently, the Facebook page has about 1000 likes and over 200 followers on Instagram. Other than our efforts, the social media management team at True Guide Logistics is also very active. They keep posting stories and posts to update their audience, which is an excellent way to build an organic audience.

We Developed Strategies
to Highlight the Services

After closely coordinating with the client and understanding their needs, we came up with some creatives to highlight their services. The client asked for a few flyer-like posts for their social media, and we used the same creative to run ads. The inquiry campaign went live immediately after the approval, and the response we received through it was overwhelming. The client got some customers through the social media campaign and hence was highly satisfied.

Creatives that we used for ads:

The Challenge

The only challenge we faced while marketing this brand was to get some leads quickly to the client. We discussed the possibilities with the client and how we were planning to move forward with social media.

Target Audience

This logistics company was serving all across the USA. Since this company operated all across the USA, we targeted the USA’s population with interest in the freight business and brokers. We also targeted those who were looking to move or those interested in the logistics company.

Some Of Our Attractive Posts

The Results

The results of our inquiry campaign were overwhelming. We got over 100 people inquiring about the business, and a fair amount became a lead and converted to a customer. The client was pleased with the response and decided to extend the contract. The client was in constant communication with us throughout the process, and we discussed everything required to execute. The client expected to get brokers and customers alike rather than focusing on the followers.

The Marketing Timeline

Brand Awareness

The page likes campaign was executed using the interests and demographics. The research went into the interests of the audience to check how people were consuming the related content. Our goal was to give the page as much exposure as possible within a limited target location.

Inquiry Campaign

We had a reasonable budget left on our ad spend after the likes campaign. We decided to use all of it on a daily budget. Through this inquiry campaign, we got 107 inquiries, and people were genuinely interested in the business. It was the result of the fantastic creatives and country-wide audience that we were targeting. With queries, we also had leads and converted customers, as the client told us.

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